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GHS Phase II transition
Label Requirements: Labels, as defined in the HCS, are an appropriate group of written, printed or graphic informational elements concerning a hazardous chemical that are affixed to, printed on, or attached to the immediate container of a hazardous chemical, or to the outside packaging.
The HCS requires chemical manufacturers, importers, or distributors to ensure that each container of hazardous chemicals leaving the workplace is labeled, tagged or marked with the following information: product identifier; signal word; hazard statement(s); precautionary
statement(s); and pictogram(s); and name, address and telephone number of the chemical manufacturer, importer, or other responsible party. To develop labels under the revised HCS, manufacturers, importers and distributors must first identify and classify the chemical hazard(s). Appendices A, B, and C are all mandatory. The classification criteria for health hazards are in Appendix A and the criteria for physical hazards are presented in Appendix B of the revised Hazard Communication Standard. After classifying the hazardous chemicals, the manufacturer, importer or distributor then consults Appendix C to determine the appropriate pictograms, signal words, and hazard and precautionary statement(s), for the chemical label. Once this information has been identified and gathered, then a label may be created.

ICC is the leader in North America with OSHA HazCom container labeling. We developed new HazCom Phase II GHS labeling requirements, which include signal words like "DANGER" or "WARNING", pictograms, hazard and precautionary statements
. Labels are available in two materials: gloss paper or outdoor vinyl. Ordering by shipping name? Try our Chemical Search – Find your UN Number or Proper Shipping Name.We specialize in custom labels; simply supply us the chemical name or CAS number. We have over 700,000 mixtures available in our database that will allow us to meet your needs.ICC can help you and your customers comply with the
new GHS regulations with labels on-demand. Our ChemplianceWeb Suite may be the perfect solution for your business.To learn how you can produce your own labels on-demand with our printing solutions.Our chemical labels are available in English, French, Spanish and over 40 other languages. Standard label configurations are available in two colors: black and red. Other color options are available upon request.


Voted Number 1 in the World for 2013
Bartender HazCom GHS Labeling Software Comes a bundle with Labels, ribbons or toner. Contact Greg Monette sales team leader 289.267.2604 or Dan Albert 905-890.7231 for details.

Code Size Material
LB-GHS001P 6" x 4" Paper
LB-GHS001V 6" x 4" Vinyl
LB-GHS002P 8 1/2" x 4" Paper
LB-GHS002V 8 1/2" x 4" Vinyl
LB-GHS003P 11 3/8" x 5" Paper
LB-GHS003V 11 3/8" x 5" Vinyl
LB-GHS004P 7 7/8" x 4" Paper
LB-GHS004V 7 7/8" x 4" Vinyl

Paper or Outdoor vinyl
2 colors, 4 sizes
English, English / Spanish,
or other languages


HazCom GHS Pictogram Thermal Transfer Labels
Blank HazCom with GHS Pictograms and DOT information printed labels, 8 1/2 " x 14 ", extra room for variable information such as barcodes, net weight and lot number. Diamond options include: Flammable Liquid, Dangerous When Wet, Oxidizer, Toxic and Corrosive. Our premium laser vinyl material will withstand the harshest environments and temperatures. The Laser Imprintable Vinyl Drum Label has outstanding adhesion to painted steel, fiber or plastic drums, and meets the IMO 90-day seawater immersion test. These Drum Labels can be applied at temperatures as low as 10°F. Laser Imprintable Vinyl has a service temperature range of -40°F to 176°F.Available Hazard Class 3. 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 8, and 9 HazCom GHS pictograms 1 up, 2 up, 3 up, 4 up and 5 up on-demand

Use these labels for multiple languages with your Black Laser Printer. Example English / Spanish: PLEASE Call For Samples and NEW designs 888.442.9628

Other designs, With GHS Pictograms. Example Systems at the top, and right side for English only. Remember when Exporting 2, 3 or 4 languages are required.
Symbols MUST be 15% of the text!. Please Call for samples or help.
The new HazCom Phase II GHS labeling requirements can be difficult or even confusing.
OSHA now mandates that the pictogram borders must only be shown in red, and that a blank
Pictogram cannot be shown under any circumstance.

ICC has developed stock labels to help with your two-color, on-demand GHS labeling needs. Once your classification is done, and you know how many pictograms you will need, simply order the label with the corresponding blank pictogram(s) that are required, add your label text, then print.

Print your shipped container labels on-demand with our blank red-border thermal transfer labels. Simply add the required label elements and print as-needed your hazard communication with these pre-printed GHS symbol blank labels. Fill in your own GHS hazard identification pictograms with the choice of 1, 2, 3, or 4 up symbol rolls.  
HazCom GHS Stock Thermal Transfer Labels, 1 up Symbol Roll
Product Code: LB-GHS1
HazCom GHS Stock Thermal Transfer Labels, 2 up Symbol Roll
Product Code: LB-GHS2
HazCom GHS Stock Thermal Transfer Labels, 3 up Symbol Roll
Product Code: LB-GHS3
HazCom GHS Stock Thermal Transfer
Labels, 4 up Symbol Roll
 Product Code
HazCom Phase II GHS DRUM Labels
ICC's library includes GHS classification for many pure chemicals and mixtures. Classifications will be done on-demand, allowing for fast production of shipped container and drum labels. You can view this list below. On the GHS Workplace Drum Labels Green System as well as the Stock Universal Drum Labels section you will find samples of some of the items we can produce with DOT or TDG in Canada symbols plus the new GHS workplace labeling systems in English, English / Spanish or other Languages. ICC are affiliate members of the NACD and CACD and we support Responsible Distribution. This means that we help your customers comply with the complex HazCom labeling requirements. As a vendor you have a responsibility to try and help customers downstream and understand the new hazard communication requirements. Let ICC Help Your Customers comply with OSHA. With labels that have 2 or 3 languages and symbols, your customer will be able to train their personnel. The new GHS workplace labeling information that uses only symbols can help your customers easily apply the standard from your label to their workplace label. For help on the new GHS workplace labeling systems, please have your customers call us. We will be happy to do demo on GHS workplace labeling systems.
    Product Information:
  • Available in laser paper or vinyl
  • These materials have special adhesive with label release liners
  • Thermal laser vinyl meets or exceeds IMO 90-day seawater immersion test required by IMDG code
  • Available with DOT or TDG hazard class diamonds: 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 8 and 9 for TDG
  • English, French
  • GHS Workplace labeling information
  • Deposit pound and kilo information can be added
  • Your logo and address information can be added





Paper = P   |   Vinyl = V Stock Items Please Call Paper = P   |   Vinyl = V Stock Items Please Call Chempliance Web Labeling
Blank HazCom GHS Pictogram and DOT Laser Sheets
Product Code: LG-G03VB1 1up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G04.1VB1 1up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G04.2VB1 1up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G04.3VB1 1up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G05.1VB1 1up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G05.2VB1 1up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G06.1VB1 1up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G09VB1 1up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G03VB2 2up Symbols
Product Code: LG-G4.1VB2 2up Symbols
Product Code: LG-G4.2VB2 2up Symbols
Product Code: LG-G4.3VB2 2up Symbols
Product Code: LG-G5.1VB2 2upSymbols
Product Code: LG-G5.2VB2 2up Symbols
Product Code: LG-G6.1VB2 2up Symbols
Product Code: LG-G09VB2 2up Symbols
Product Code: LG-G03VB3 3up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G4.1VB3 3up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G4.2VB3 3up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G4.3VB3 3up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G5.1VB3 3up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G5.2VB3 3up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G6.1VB3 3up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G09VB3 3up Symbol

Product Code: LG-G03VB4 4up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G4.1VB4 4up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G4.2VB4 4up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G4.3VB4 4up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G5.1VB4 4up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G5.2VB4 4up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G6.1VB4 4up Symbol
Product Code: LG-G09VB4 4up Symbol


Product Code: LG-G08VB1 1up Symbol Product Code: LG-G08VB2 2up Symbols Product Code: LG-G08VB3 3up Symbol Product Code: LG-G08VB4 4up Symbol
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